Our Organization

Afghanistan Justice Organization (AJO) is an Afghan-led, non-profit, and non-partisan organization which promotes  democracy, governance and rule of law through project design and management, project performance and evaluation, training and capacity development, policy research and analysis, and public awareness campaigns and advocacy.

AJO is governed by the board of directors and managed by its executive team. The current team consists of a President, Vice President for Program Management and Operation, and departments include Project Design & Management, Communications, Strategic Studies, Capacity Building and Training, Performance Evaluation, Evidence Based Research, Public Awareness and Advocacy, Information Technology, Finance and Procurement, and Human Resources.

The management has combined experience of 20 years in Afghanistan alone. AJO’s leadership consists of Afghan-American lawyer, former judges and prosecutors, professors, radio and television personalities, journalists, and monitoring and evaluation specialists. 

Our Management Team


Shafeek M. Seddiq: Co-Founder and President

Mr. Seddiq is a lawyer, who practiced law with Sidley Austin, LLP in Washington, D.C., has been working in Afghanistan since 2008, first as advisor to the Attorney General of Afghanistan, then Country Representative of the International Development Law Organization (IDLO) before establishing AJO in 2011. Mr. Seddiq has spoken in various national and international conferences and has written on rule of law in Afghanistan.


Lailuma Nasiri: Co-Founder and Vice President

Experienced in program management, implementation, and evaluation and performance. Ten-year experience on women’s access to justice and five years of countering violence extremism. Conducted surveys, evaluations and drafted analytical reports. Organized and held conferences, and public awareness workshops and campaigns. Experienced working with multiple donors simultaneously and handling multiple projects including USAID, INL, European Union, UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office, UK National Crime Agency, Dutch Foreign Ministry, the French Foreign Ministry, the Italian Development Cooperation, and the United States Institute of Peace. Ms. Nasiri has a Bachelor’s degree in Public Administration from Bircham International University.

Abdul Hamid Darwesh: Director of Programs

Mr. Darwesh holds Master degree in Criminal Law and Criminology from Azad Islamic University and a Bachelor degree in Law and Political Science from Kabul University. Since 1997, he worked in humanitarian and development programs inside and outside Afghanistan with national and international government and none government organizations including NRC, IDLG, IDLO, and DPK-Tetra Tech. Mr. Darwesh has attended training of trainer and monitoring and evaluation courses in Rome, Italy. Mr. Darwesh has designed, implemented and evaluated projects performance and impact evaluation. Mr. Darwesh has lectured at various private law schools including Bakhtar University and Afghan University. He has tremendous experience in adult learning and training management. His handbook on training methodology has been used in several organizations in Training of Trainers (ToT) programs. Mr. Darwesh is managing program implementations including program management, monitoring and evaluation, public awareness and advocacy. His area of focus include good governance with the cross cutting issues of anti-corruption and open government, and legislative monitoring.

 Omid Rafey: Finance & Operations Manager

Mr. Rafey has more than nine years of experience in finance, human resources, administration, business development and operations including five of those years spent at international organizations funded by the United States Government (USG). He has served in multiple financial, procurement and human resources management roles on donor-funded projects and developed expertise in financial/procurement analysis and reporting, preparing budgetary projections, coordinating annual financial audits, and establishing financial, administration and procurement policies and procedures, particularly in compliance with USG rules and regulations. Mr. Rafey is certified of USAID Rules and Regulations on Grants and Cooperative Agreements and ACCA F1/2. Currently he is studying Business and Administration, CIA, CAPM. Before joining AJO, Mr. Rafey worked for IRG, IESC, ICMA, VEGA all of which were USAID funded programs.

 Sheraz Ahmad: Database & Web Development Expert 

Mr. Sheraz Ahmad has more than ten years of experience working with national and international organizations including IDLO, UNDP, Checchi Consulting, and Shneez Technologies. His expertise include overall IT management, networking, trouble shooting, databases design and development, websites design and development. He has experience in building both desktop and online databases. Mr. Sheraz has a Master’s degree in Information Technology from Iqra University, Karachi, Pakistan. Mr. Sheraz is responsible for designing and developing databases used by various justice sector institutions including the Afghanistan Independent Bar Association (AIBA). He has developed a database used both as a repository of survey data and analysis for various projects. Mr. Sheraz has also designed computerized accounts and finance system for a number of big organizations.

 Kalimullah Ahmadzai: IT Expert

Mr.Kalimullah Ahmadzai has a Bachelor degree in Computer Science from Kabul University. He is currently studying for Master’s degree in Computer Science from Kabul University with cooperation from Tallinn University of Estonia. He has received trainings from many recognized institutions and has gained national and international certificates. Mr. Ahmadzai has been working in the field of information technology with different government and non-government organization since 2012. Mr. Ahmadzai has great skills of teaching and has taught computer science related subjects in many institutions within the country. He is now working with Afghanistan Justice Organization (AJO) as IT Expert.

Ahmad Jawid Salihy: Justice and Rule of Law Expert – Legal Aid Advisor

Mr. Salihy holds Master degree in Jurisprudence and Law from Salam University-Kabul. He is a lawyer and has more than five years of experience in legal fields working with national and international organizations, as well as he has the experience of teaching, training and project management. Mr. Salihy has conducted researches, Seminars and conference across the country on peace building, conflicts resolution and countering violent extremism (CVE) and also has implemented innovative education projects. He has been awarded an international Certificate by Canada Global Center (CGC) on Training of Trainers (TOT). Mr. Salihy has lectured at various private universities including Salam University and Afghanistan University in Kabul. Mr. Salihy is the founder of Afghanistan Islamic Research Center (AIRC) which is the first research center focusing on comparison the Islamic Jurisprudence with the Afghan Laws. Mr. Salihy has conducted many academic researches on Afghanistan Laws. Mr. Salihi will focus on Countering Violence Extremism and will provide advice on the current legal aid system.

 Najeebullah Yalghoz Najeeb: Justice and Rule of Law Expert – State Case Advisor

Mr. Najeebullah Yalghoz Najeeb has a Bachelor of Law at Goa University and Master of Political Science at Indira Gandhi National Open University Goa Branch. Mr. Najeeb has worked as a lawyer and has practiced law in Kabul. He has been working in Afghanistan since 2014 as Advisor with Jam-e-Ghor Charity Organization, embedded Legal Advisor at Ministry of Women Affairs/Afghanistan Justice Sector Support Program (JSSP), and Case Management Advisor with JSSP. Mr. Najib has written on Bolstering Indo-Afghan Relationship in 2013 which has been published in Herald Newspaper in India and has done research and comparative study of Indo-Afghan Constitution." Mr. Najib is focusing on good governance specifically transparency, accountability and inclusiveness. He also provides advice on government property and ownership matters.

 Shkola Zadran: Justice and Rule of Law Expert – Gender Justice Development Advisor

Ms. Shkola Zadran has a Bachelor Degree in Law and Political Science from Karwan University. She has more than four years of work experience with the national and international Organizations on gender mainstreaming, strategies, and written policies and procedures for gender departments. In her career, she has received trainings from many recognized institutions and has been awarded with certificates. Ms. Zadran has worked as Gender Project Advisor, Communication Manager, and Gender Coordinator and has done fellowship with ALBA/DAI. Ms. Shkola’s area of focus is counter-terrorism, CVE, and women’s participation in social and political spheres including the peace process, and justice institutions.

 Waheadullah Manduzai - Monitoring & Evaluation Expert

Mr. Manduzai holds Master of Business Administration from Indian School of Business Management and Administration in 2015 with BA in Economics from Goa University in 2011. He has worked for more than six years in humanitarian, community development and stabilization programs funded by USAID and INL as a Program Manager and Monitoring and Evaluation Expert. He had developed district projects portfolio for Mandozai and Nader Shah Kot districts of Khost province and had supervised and managed implementation of more than 50 infrastructure and soft projects while he was working for AECOM/SIKA-East as Program Manager. He conducted research about Investment in Mutual Fund and Portfolio Management in Goa University in 2010 and his research paper is being used as a reference by many students. He has delivered many TOTs for government officials, social workers, civil activists and community elders in Afghanistan. Mr. Manduzi focus is on the economic policy with attention to fiscal policy and budgetary policy and execution.