Afghanistan Anti-Corruption Tribunal and Criminal Court Trial Observation

AJO carried out this Anti-Corruption (AC) tribunal observation over a six months period in four provinces: Kabul, Balkh, Hirat, and Kunudz.  The cases observed were held in both the trial and appeal AC tribunals and on days when these AC tribunals were not in sessions, the observers attended general criminal court hearings. 

The trial observation template used to collect data was designed to capture every aspect of the justice chain performance from arrest and detention to pre-trail, trail and post-trail phases. The observation consisted of assessing both the extent of the application of fair trial and due process standards in accordance with Afghanistan Constitution, Interim Criminal Code for Courts (ICCC), and international laws and standards in each phase of the justice chain actor; and assessing performance of the judge, prosecutor and defense lawyers using objective standards developed pursuant to the law and some subjective criteria.

Check the Complete Trial Observation here.